Cority Case Studies

Learn how the world's leading organizations transform their EHSQ management with Cority Solution

  • Aerospace Case Study

    Aerospace Case Study

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  • Outdoor Power Equipment

    Outdoor Power Equipment

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  • Parker Hannifin

    Parker Hannifin

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  • Pointe Precision

    Pointe Precision

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  • Precision Manufacturer Case Study

    Precision Manufacturer Case Study

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  • EHS Success Story: Volvo Cars

    EHS Success Story: Volvo Cars

    Learn how Volvo Cars revamped its Return to Work program by replacing multiple isolated systems with a robust, GDPR compliant solution to manage employee health.

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  • Top Retailer Saves Millions in EHS Program Costs

    Top Retailer Saves Millions in EHS Program Costs

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  • EHS Success Story: Central Arizona Project

    EHS Success Story: Central Arizona Project

    Learn how Central Arizona Project was able to divert 835 tons of waste from landfill and reduce corrective actions by 49% by streamlining its waste management program.

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  • Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Los Alamos National Laboratory

    Find out how Los Alamos improved their Safety Culture, and reduced the burden of multiple solutions and spreadsheets by implementing Cority.

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  • Edmonton Police Services

    Edmonton Police Services

    Find out how Edmonton Police Services reduced incidents by up to 65% using Cority's Safety and Occupational Health solutions.

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  • PPG Industries

    PPG Industries

    How PPG Industries Improved Compliance and Increased Productivity using Cority.

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  • Dow Chemical

    Dow Chemical

    Learn how Dow Chemical uses Cority's Risk Assessment solution to assess inhalation, dermal, physical and ergonomic risks to keep employees safe.

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  • Carleton University

    Carleton University

    See how Carleton University leverages Cority to merge their health and safety programs.

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  • Purolator


    Learn how Purolator uses incident reporting to reduce motor vehicle collisions.

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  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

    United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

    Find out how the UNHCR uses Cority’s Travel Module to ensure the health and safety of employees.

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  • CSX Transportation

    CSX Transportation

    How CSX Transportation overcame the lack of automation on their processes.

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  • Westmoreland Coal

    Westmoreland Coal

    Find out why Westmoreland Coal Company turned to Cority to implement a centralized, automated safety management solution.

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  • UCOR


    Learn how award-winning UCOR outperforms safety benchmarks by nearly 70% with the help of Cority Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene Suites

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  • Southern Company

    Southern Company

    How Southern Company Leveraged Automation to Significantly Improve their Processes

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  • Rio Tinto Aluminum

    Rio Tinto Aluminum

    Read about how Rio Tinto Aluminium leveraged the power of a single EHSQ platform.

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