Cority Case Studies

Learn how word's leading organizations transform their EHSQ management with Cority Solution

  • United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

    United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

    Find out how the UNHCR uses Cority’s Travel Module to ensure the health and safety of employees.

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  • Westmoreland Coal

    Westmoreland Coal

    Find out why Westmoreland Coal Company turned to Cority to implement a centralized, automated safety management solution.

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  • UCOR


    Learn how award-winning UCOR outperforms safety benchmarks by nearly 70% with the help of Cority Occupational Health and Industrial Hygiene Suites

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  • Global Mining Company

    Global Mining Company

    Learn how a global mining company takes EHSQ operations to the next level, with dedicated project management and support of business processes.

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  • Global Auto Manufacturer

    Global Auto Manufacturer

    A look into how one of the world's largest automotive manufacturers worked with Cority to implement a fully integrated Occupational Health and Safety solution to automate processes & centralize data.

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  • Global Power Manufacturing Company

    Global Power Manufacturing Company

    Cority’s robust features and functionalities impress one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial gas turbines. Results include improved OH processes and streamlined monitoring programs.

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  • Onsite OHS

    Onsite OHS

    Onsite OHS switched to electronic health records with the help of Cority. Automated reporting functionalities save time and paper.

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  • Vopak


    See how Royal Vopak Significantly Reduced their Impact on the Environment with Cority Environmental Suite.

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  • Siemens


    Read about how Siemens gained greater understanding and control of their EHSQ operations by implementing Cority.

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  • NASA


    NASA implemented Cority's EHSQ solution to amalgamate health records in a centralized repository. Read about their experience.

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  • Barrick Gold

    Barrick Gold

    Barrick Gold's search for an exposure data management system ended with Cority.

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  • Global Pharma Company

    Global Pharma Company

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  • Fortune 100 Entertainment Company

    Fortune 100 Entertainment Company

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  • Mutual of Omaha

    Mutual of Omaha

    Mutual of Omaha selected Cority to manage their EHSQ data and reduce costs.

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  • Rio Tinto Aluminum

    Rio Tinto Aluminum

    Read about how Rio Tinto Aluminium leveraged the power of a single EHSQ platform.

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  • TGS


    Read how TGS Increased Reporting Accuracy and Timeliness with Medgate Environmental Solution

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  • Stolthaven


    Learn how Stolthaven Reduces their Operational Costs with Cority Environmental Solution

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  • Southern Company

    Southern Company

    Read this case study to learn how the adoption of Cority has allowed Southern Company to standardize processes across their many subsidiaries, increasing reliability of data and employee productivity.

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  • Logan Aluminum

    Logan Aluminum

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