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Global challenges: occupational exposure limits

As a result of the global expansion of businesses and the continued industrialization of countries, companies operating globally are often confronted with different regulatory requirements regarding permissible occupational exposure limits.

An exposure limit for the same substance may be more or less stringent from one country (or state, or province) to another, which presents challenges for the EHS professional seeking to protect workers from occupational hazards.

This paper will discuss these challenges and suggest potential points of action, both for hygienists and the companies that they work for.

About the Author

Monica Melkonian, MS, CIH

Monica Melkonian, MS, CIH serves as Industrial Hygiene Product Manager at Medgate providing technical expertise, guidance and support in the development of Medgate’s Industrial Hygiene Suite. Previously, Monica served as Senior Client Service Consultant with Medgate providing implementation and sustain support to global clients. Monica has worked in the environmental and occupational health field for over 15 years in both the public and private sector, across a broad range of industries.

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