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Justifying the Existence of your Occupational Health Clinic

Are you struggling to justify your daily occupational health clinic activities? Facing ever-shrinking budgets and pressure from internal and external stakeholders?

You are not alone.

Quantifying and proving the impact of occupational health programs is a constant struggle faced by many occupational health professionals, particularly those saddled with outdated and archaic record systems.

It is a struggle has always been central to the practice of occupational health – how do you justify the cost of your programs in terms that make sense from a financial point of view?

In this whitepaper, Medgate Occupational Health expert Dr. Mary Anne Alexander discusses the difficulties that clinics face in their daily practices, and highlights some key ways that justifying occupational health clinic activity can be made easier and more effective.

Download this whitepaper and learn:

  • How your current tracking is providing an inaccurate picture of the work that your clinic is doing.
  • How your internal reporting cycle can affect your justification to external stakeholders.
  • How the more efficient and comprehensive data collection system is useless without the right kind of interface.

About the Author

Mary Anne Alexander, MD

Dr. Alexander has worked in the Occupational Health and Safety field providing outstanding medical care as well as managing the integration of technology into the practice of medicine for many years. She is currently the President of MD Prime Analytics, and a medical product consultant at Medgate. For 10 years, Dr. Alexander was the Deputy Medical Director of the Fairfax County Public Safety Occupational Health Center in Fairfax, Virginia providing occupational and primary care medical servic

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