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CLIENT PROFILE PPG is a Fortune 100 company. Founded in 1883 as Pittsburgh Plate Glass, today PPG is the largest coatings company worldwide. 2018 marks the 135th anniversary of PPG's founding. Established on August 24, 1883, the company has transformed dramatically and evolved time and again. And today PPG is the world leader in paints, coatings and specialty materials. Manufacturing Pittsburgh, USA 50,000 employees Dozens of locations worldwide Occupational Health INDUSTRY HEADQUARTERS OPERATION SCOPE CORITY PRODUCT How PPG Industries Improved Compliance and Increased Productivity using Cority CASE STUDY: Patti Law has a dual role at PPG. One of her roles is Manager of Health Services for the North American automotive coatings division. The division's on-site clinic staffs two part-time physicians and two nurses, and manages approximately 1500 employees from that location alone. Patti's second role involves corporate health services – that is, helping with medical policies and procedures, offering troubleshooting and guidance to any division within PPG. She looks for ways to improve the way things are done – and before Cority, there were a few areas that needed major improvement. "We are a mobile organization, people are on the move," Patti says. "We had a hard time tracking medical files – we used to use paper. Paper files would never be transferred or would get stuck in a location, or archived while the employee was still employed. It was not very seamless as far as continuity of care. That was one challenge we needed to fix." Patti continues: "Another challenge we had was tracking OSHA Compliance exams. Nurses were using spreadsheets, which were very old-school. They would use these spreadsheets to track who needed what and when, such as annual audiograms, or respiratory fit tests. And sometimes, those spreadsheets weren't current, they couldn't produce reports like who was overdue, and that was very frustrating." Simple lists were not easily accessible. THE CHALLENGE: An inefficient system that couldn't provide continuity of care

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