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CLIENT PROFILE Edmonton Police Services is the municipal police force for the City of Edmonton, in Canada's province of Alberta. EPS' vision is to increase public safety through excellence in the prevention, intervention and suppression of crime and disorder. How Edmonton Police Reduced Incidents by up to 65%. CASE STUDY: Nicole Wetsch is an Occupational Health and Safety Consultant who works with the OH nurses at Edmonton Police Services (EPS). She and her team look after the health and safety of everyone in the organization, regardless if they're a sworn officer or civilian. Her job involves incident reporting and investigations, and she works closely with disability management consultants and the Workers' Compensation Board (WCB). Incident reporting is an important part of managing health and safety; however, EPS' processes used to be inefficient and ineffective. "We were doing a paper system and there was a lot of back and forth," Nicole explains. "With the paper system, we would create a preliminary report that didn't have a lot of information, just so we could meet our timelines, then we'd flush out the actual investigation later. If we had questions, there was lots of back and forth and multiple pieces of paper. It was a bit of a timewaster." The actual tracking of incidents was done manually, meaning there was a lot of data entry on their behalf. In addition, Nicole's team often had to fill out the same paperwork twice, for incident and WCB purposes. This lead to inconsistencies in data and was a major time commitment. These painful processes made it clear that EPS needed a better solution. THE CHALLENGE: Inefficient and Ineffective Reporting Processes Government INDUSTRY Edmonton, Canada HEADQUARTERS Policing a Population Under 1 Million People OPERATION SCOPE Occupational Health, Safety CORITY PRODUCT

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