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Barrick Gold's Search For Exposure Data Management System Ends With Cority Case Study Client Profile The Challenge Ineffective Data Collection Methods An Integrated System to Manage Exposure Data The Solution As the largest gold mining company in the world, Barrick Gold has mining operations on nearly every continent around the globe. The scope of their operations generates revenues of over $8.5 billion USD per year, which is reinvested into responsible mining practices and into incorporating digital technologies into their practices. When Barrick Gold committed to developing a comprehensive health program several years ago, the Occupational Health team recognized the need to refine and expand their existing data collection and analysis methods. The existing exposure data collection methods (spreadsheets, paper files, and lab reports) did not provide all the desired functionality. Barrick wanted the ability to: (1) track historical exposures or similar exposure groups (SEGs); (2) confirm statistical validation of exposure profiles or SEGs; (3) provide consistent global exposure limits to evaluate exposures; and (4) take a consistent approach to reporting findings and implementing corrective actions. The Occupational Health team, led by Tom Chism, needed an exposure database management application that would meet all of the above needs. This application would need to collect, store and manage the data, as well as provide a central depository for the collection of personalized and task exposure data. In addition, they wanted the data to automatically update health risk registers and be available to the company's medical providers responsible for exposure-based medical surveillance programs. Barrick evaluated 11 potential vendors in its selection process and rated each on functionality, service and cost. Cority was chosen over its competitors. HEADQUARTERS Toronto, Canada INDUSTRY Mining OPERATION SCOPE 18 sites 12,000 employees PRODUCT SUITES Occupational Health & Industrial Hygiene

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