Integrated EHSQ – Your Guide to the Future

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The future of EHSQ is fully integrated and well connected, as we discussed in part two of this blog series. The market is – and will continue – moving towards an integrated approach when it comes to EHSQ management. We’ve seen this approach come about over the past five years as it relates to global integration within multinational organizations, but over the next five years, we expect to see this taken further.  


Over the next five years, we see a continuing increase in demand for integrated EHS and EHSQ systems and processes. This integration, or convergence, takes on multiple dimensions for multinational organizations seeking to achieve standardization of EHS and EHSQ practices. This no longer only means a push for global integration as we’ve been seeing, but it incorporates integration of other factors such as functional disciplines and company supply chains.


At Cority, we’ve been listening to what the market is saying, and we’ve already successfully helped many of our clients with the execution of this strategy. Earlier this year we acquired IQS in order to help our customers integrate into supply chains. Governments in some regions may withdraw certain elements of regulatory compliance for EHSQ, but we see companies – now under greater public scrutiny than ever – continuing to differentiate themselves by setting stringent internal compliance targets. Many of our clients have already expressed that they would not lower their objectives were regulations to disappear. This reflects the reality that EHSQ is good for business.


For more information on integrating the EHSQ programs at your organization, watch this webinar.

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