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How Communication Builds Safety Culture

It is now accepted that a strong safety culture reduces accident rates and increases the productivity of your workforce. This is why so many safety professionals are working to improve the safety culture in their organization.


However, building a long-term sustainable safety culture is no easy feat. Making safety a priority at all levels of your company requires wide-ranging organizational change – something that doesn’t happen overnight, and rarely without resistance.


To be successful, you require a framework and the correct tools for each step of the way. Jen Webster, as part of her work at the Health and Safety Laboratory (HSL), provides practitioners with the information they need to help build a strong foundation for a successful safety culture improvement program.


This webinar outlines the key steps to take and will focus on how to use your safety climate survey data as a vehicle for conversations that lead to lasting behavioral change.


Watch this webinar for:

  • A brief refresher on the definition of safety culture and safety climate.
  • HSL’s five stage approach and a recap of the first two stages.
  • How to set up surveys to get useful data and how to interpret it.
  • How to act on your findings and how to plan for change.
  • How to keep the momentum going and get buy-in from senior management.