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How Will Big Data Change EHS

Three separate technological advances – miniaturization, cloud storage and increased processing power - have changed the workplace forever. Miniaturization means that everything we do, be it on our cells or wearables, leaves a digital trace. Cloud storage means we can store this mountain of data and access it anywhere in the world. Processing power means that the depth of analysis that we can perform on this data provides insights that were not previously possible. 


This is the era of Big Data.


Big Data is changing the way businesses make decisions. It allows us to see patterns that we were unaware of and react to events that have not yet occurred. Do you know how it will effect EHS and how will it change your job in the coming years?


In this webinar, Medgate’s in-house experts for Business Intelligence and Environmental & Safety team up to answer what Big Data is, why it matters and where is it going for EHS professionals.


Attend this webinar and learn:

  • An exploration of what Big Data means
  • An examination of how it is changing the way we make decisions
  • A look at how it will impact EHS

About the Author

Mauri Paz, PE, PMP, CEM

Mauri Paz, PE, PMP, CSP is Manager of EHS products at Cority. With over 15 years of experience in the field of EHS and EMIS software design and implementation management, he has developed and implemented EMS systems, consulted for Fortune 1000 companies in matters of EHS, and implemented EMIS platforms for several Fortune 1000 clients.

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