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Real world solutions to SEG management challenges

Properly defined exposure groups allow hygienists to characterize risk and ultimately keep employees out of harm. The challenge, however, is that SEGs need to be defined accurately – not too narrowly or broadly – and in a harmonized fashion across the organization.


During this webinar, Monica Melkonian, CIH, and Joe Loro, CIH, discuss some of the common challenges clients face, including; collecting critical historical data from disparate systems; dealing with changing processes; incorporating new scientific information regarding an agent or process; and handling mobile and contracted work forces.


Monica and Joe share their SEG management best practices drawing from experience of implementing industrial hygiene software in many different organizations. Such implementations often serve as a catalyst to help refine and harmonize risk assessment programs, including how exposure groups will be defined and managed.


Watch this webinar and learn:

  • The risks of poorly defined exposure groups.
  • How AIHA recommends establishing exposure groups.
  • The steps to achieve successful definition and management of SEGs.
  • The importance of validating SEGs and establishing a reassessment program.


About the Author

Monica Melkonian, MS, CIH

Monica Melkonian, MS, CIH serves as Industrial Hygiene Product Manager at Cority providing technical expertise, guidance and support in the development of Cority's Industrial Hygiene Suite. Previously, Monica served as Senior Client Service Consultant with Cority providing implementation and sustain support to global clients. Monica has worked in the environmental and occupational health field for over 15 years in both the public and private sector, across a broad range of industries.

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