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The Keys To Unlocking Safety Culture

Establishing and fostering a safety culture has, quite rightly, become a more prominent topic to consider for safety directors. No matter the industry or organization, it is now commonly accepted that safety culture can have a huge influence on the success or failure of a safety management system.

Safety culture is not a program, policy or procedure, it is a reflection of how safety is managed in a workplace. However, it is often difficult to pin down, as it is a somewhat ethereal concept, based on soft components that cannot be easily measured – factors such as accountability, leadership and organizational learning.

This difficulty is at the heart of many safety directors’ struggle – how do you pinpoint your organization’s current safety culture? Which activities are having a positive or negative effect?

In the latest of the Medgate Safety Webinar series, Shannon Crinklaw will define safety culture and provide suggestions and ideas around how to recognize and foster a strong safety culture within your organization.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • How safety culture can be broken down into components
  • The different ways that it can be (indirectly) measured
  • Steps that managers should take to improve it
  • How using Medgate to automate some safety activities assist in building a safety culture

About the Author

Shannon Crinklaw, CRSP, CHRL

Shannon Crinklaw is a Client Service Consultant with Medgate. Shannon has worked in the safety and environmental field for over 10 years mostly in the private sector within manufacturing environments. Shannon received a Business degree specializing in Human Resources from the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario. She furthered her specialization in safety by receiving a post grad certificate from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. She currently holds 2 certifications as a Canadian Registered Safety Professional and Canadian Human Resource Leader. Prior to Medgate, Shannon’s experience included work with recognized safety leaders within the automotive industry where she was involved in various aspects of developing and executing Safety programs and involvement in the ISO 14001 certification. Shannon’s broad experience in the occupational health and safety field enables her to bring a deep understanding of the needs of Medgate clients.

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