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The Surprising ROI of Employee Wellness

If you see wellness programs as a nice-to-have, but not core to your employee health programs, you could be missing an opportunity to greatly improve your company’s bottom line. If you structure the program properly, show commitment, and promote it well, you could make huge cost savings while improving the overall health of your employees and their families.


In this case study webinar, Johnny White, Benefits, Medical and Wellness Leader at Logan Aluminum, showcases the striking successes of its wellness program, which has been in place for over 20 years.


At Logan, the wellness data is so rich that their healthcare benefits provider has renewed at less the half the national average increase for thirteen years running. Logan’s employees make no contribution towards this coverage. That Logan is able to make these huge compound savings in a state that consistently ranks in the bottom ten for public health indicators makes it all the more remarkable.


Watch this on-demand webinar and learn: 

  • How Logan set up and continues to innovate with its wellness program
  • How the data for each employee is tracked and measured over time
  • What lessons the team has learned along the way