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Using Root Cause Analysis to Improve Safety

A critical part of any safety management system comes after incidents occur.  Effective incident investigation including root cause analysis can provide many answers for your organization regarding why an incident or event has occurred. Even if your safety department excels at completing investigations and undertaking corrective actions, your SMS will not be effective if you fail to identify root causes quickly and accurately.


Safety teams that make Root Cause Analysis central to their day-to-day activities will significantly improve their ability to better the safety of the workplace and ensure that incidents do no reoccur.

In this free webinar, Medgate  Safety expert Shannon Crinklaw discusses Root Cause Analysis, outlining its potential impact, covering different analysis methodologies and outlining best practices.

View this webinar and learn:

  • What type of incidents are most common.
  • Mistakes that organizations should avoid when carrying out root cause analysis.
  • Different models of root cause analysis, such as Five Why and Cause-and-Effect diagrams.
  • The long term benefits of root cause analysis efforts.


About the Author

Shannon Crinklaw, CRSP, CHRL

Shannon Crinklaw is a Client Service Consultant with Medgate. Shannon has worked in the safety and environmental field for over 10 years mostly in the private sector within manufacturing environments. Shannon received a Business degree specializing in Human Resources from the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ontario. She furthered her specialization in safety by receiving a post grad certificate from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. She currently holds 2 certifications as a Canadian Registered Safety Professional and Canadian Human Resource Leader. Prior to Medgate, Shannon’s experience included work with recognized safety leaders within the automotive industry where she was involved in various aspects of developing and executing Safety programs and involvement in the ISO 14001 certification. Shannon’s broad experience in the occupational health and safety field enables her to bring a deep understanding of the needs of Medgate clients.

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