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Proactive EHS Management Through Event Reporting

There is no question that investigating incidents is a central part of any EHS management system. However, there is are risks associated with placing too great an emphasis on incidents. You may never hear about unsafe conditions that don’t lead to an incident, or the many injuries that employees don’t consider serious enough to report.


In this webinar, Mauri Paz, PE, PMP, CEM, provides guidance on how to implement an event reporting system that allows and encourages all employees to report a greater range of events - near misses, injuries and property damage – as well as incidents. He will show how your EHS team can benefit from a much richer data set, including information on where hazards exist in your workplace, and how you can address these hazards before incidents occur.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • How to address latent EHS problems through proactive event reporting policies.
  • The benefits of implementing a portal or other simple event reporting tool.
  • Why you should integrate reporting across your EHS teams, and leverage automation to notify different stakeholders about actions.
  • How involving your employees in reporting increases employee engagement in EHS.

About the Author

Mauri Paz, PE, PMP, CEM

Mauri Paz, PE, PMP, CEM is Medgate’s Environmental and Safety Product Manager. With over 12 years of experience in the field of EHS and EMIS program design and implementation management, Mr. Paz has developed and implemented EMS systems, consulted for Fortune 1000 companies in matters of EHS, and implemented over 6 different EMIS platforms for several fortune 1000 clients. He possesses a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering from UCI, holds a Professional Engineer license in the State of California, a Project Management Professional certification from PMI, and is a Certified Energy Manager.

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