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5 Keys to Best-in-Class Chemical Management

Improving Safety Culture: Where to Focus Your Attention for Maximum Impact

A strong safety culture is good for business. But what exactly makes a strong safety culture? And what should you focus on to improve yours? Read this eBook to learn the 3 fundamental areas to focus on to achieve safety culture excellence.

A Crash Course In Benchmarking Environmental Performance Across Facilities

Your Guide to Environmental Metrics: How to Develop and Track Environmental Metrics that Drive Enterprise Performance

To embed sustainability into your operations, you first need access to the most robust data possible on your environmental risk and performance. But translating the concept of sustainable development into actionable items can be tough – how do you know what to prioritize? With the level of difficulty involved in environmental decision-making, most organizations base their…

3 Ways for EHS to Address Sitting Disease

5 Steps for Creating Business Value with Your Environmental Data

In the past Environmental data was often managed by just one or two employees who tracked and reported environmental data with spreadsheets. Since the need to understand regulations and environmental obligations has become more critical and complex, now companies often require enterprise-wide software systems to track, manage, and report on environmental compliance. Because of these…

5 Steps to Protecting Your Employees and Reducing the Cost of Workplace Injuries and Discomfort

As you strive to protect employees and also increase profitability in this challenging business environment, more focus than ever is on reducing health care and workers’ compensation costs. As a safety professional, you are doing your part to cut costs. One of the best examples of how to make a big impact is in office…

Planes, Trains, and Kitchen Tables: 5 Ways Technology Enables Ergonomics in Any Environment

Computer usage in the professional world is changing rapidly. With innovations in workplace equipment and economic pressure on companies to consolidate office space, employees now work at kitchen tables, on airplanes, with sit-stand desks, and in unassigned or shared spaces. Some of these changes are positive for work-life balance, but they can create headaches for…

EHS Leaders Guide to Digital Transformation in the Utility Industry

Digital transformation plays a vital role in the resilience, adaptability and survival of businesses today and into the future. For functions like EHS that manage complex data, processes, and system integration a unified SaaS software platform is an essential foundation for transforming performance. It provides integrated data and workflows, a predictable total cost of ownership…

5 Reasons to Embrace SaaS for EHSQ Software

Software as a Service (SaaS) continues to surge in popularity – but many Environmental, Health, Safety, and Quality practitioners don’t necessarily understand the ins and outs of varying software deployment options when selecting software solutions. To shed light on the benefits of SaaS, we interviewed 40+ leading companies and compiled this research with help from…

The Value of Occupational Health to Workplace Wellbeing

Read the report from the Society of Occupational Medicine to learn how occupational health practitioners can add value to workplace wellbeing programs.

Verdantix EHS Software Benchmark: Environmental Compliance

To help senior EHS executives identify the best-fit software, this benchmark report from Verdantix provides a detailed analysis of capabilities available from 23 EHS software vendors across 21 assessment criteria for environmental compliance management.  Read the Benchmark Report to learn:  Which software vendors have the broadest and deepest functionalities for environmental compliance management Assessment criteria…

9 Common Questions About Behavior-Based Safety, Answered

To help you take your BBS program to the next level, we asked EHSQ experts Dr. Andrew Sharman, Principal and CEO at RMS Switzerland, and Sean Baldry, CRSP, Product Marketing Manager at Cority to answer some of the most pressing questions about BBS today.

COVID-19 Return to Work Resource Kit

EHSQ Data Quality: How to Get the Most Out of Your Data

Your EHSQ data can be an untapped well – one that can have an incredible impact to your organization when it comes to driving operational excellence, compliance, corporate sustainability, and worker safety.  But before the impact of your EHSQ data can be felt, it needs to be accurate. This guide outlines five practical steps to…

Cority Implementation Methodology

Thinking about implementing an EHSQ solution? There’s much more to it than just selecting the software. No matter what a software solution can offer, the benefits can’t be realized if the implementation or adoption of the solution fails.  Learn more about the essential project steps required to minimize risk and facilitate a fast, high-quality EHSQ…

Verdantix Green Quadrant EHS Software 2019

Choosing the right EHS software platform can feel overwhelming. In a rapidly changing industry, it can be tough to know who to partner with to ensure long-term success. That’s where Verdantix comes in. As the only independent benchmark of EHS software available, the 2019 Verdantix Green Quadrant provides an unbiased assessment of the 23 most…

Unify EHS and Quality: Capture Synergies and Turn Policy Into Action

Is now the time for your company to align or unify EHS and quality management functions?  Given the recent harmonization of management system standards and widespread adoption of Industry 4.0 digital technologies, companies should consider adjusting how they manage their EHS and quality functions to align and integrate EHS and quality processes.  This report examines…

The Ultimate Guide to EHSQ Software Success: Building the Business Case

To take your EHSQ program to the next level, you know technology will ease the burden and improve your strategy. An integrated software system can help – but do you know the right steps to take to secure buy-in to get the solution you need? This guide will walk you through everything you need to…

True SaaS: How to Select the Right EHSQ Software

At some point in your EHSQ software evaluation journey, there will come a time to decide – to host the application on-premises or choose Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)? More and more organizations are choosing SaaS as it enables EHSQ teams to get the tools they need quickly and lets them get the benefits from those tools more…

Evolution of EHS: How Times are Changing and How to Change With Them

Read the eBook to learn:  The new responsibilities of EHS leaders, and how to address them Three key elements of every successful EHS program The areas in which technology can help manage complicated tasks – and what to expect from technology in coming years How to justify your costs to the C-suite – and how…

GDPR Survival Guide for EHS Professionals

Data is the new oil. It’s no secret that unlocking the power of your EHS data can have a transformative impact on how you identify risk and drive operational excellence across your organization. But with great power comes great responsibility – it’s now more important than ever to ensure your company’s information remains secure and…

Technology Trends: App-iness for EHSQ Teams

Whether you are still heavily reliant on paper-based processes or an existing software user inneed of an upgrade, certain telltale signs will indicate when it’s time to invest in a new software system or app. Health and Safety at Work examine the latest HSE software solutions on the market and outline what you should look for…

7 Frequently Asked Questions about Safety Culture, Answered

It’s no secret that companies with best-in-class safety cultures experience lower incident rates, higher employee engagement, and improved safety performance. But when it comes to creating and championing a strong culture of safety across the organization, many of us are still not yet where we want to be.  Whether you’re just developing your safety culture…

Safety at Your Fingertips

Mobile devices and predictive analytics are making it possible for workers to literally wear safety on their sleeves. Learn how organizations are leveraging innovative technologies in new ways to minimize risk and make a huge impact on workplace safety performance. 

EHS Software Deployment: 6 Steps to Implementation Success

Ask any EHS professional who has been through the software selection and implementation process and they’ll tell you – it’s a big time and resource investment you can’t afford to get wrong. To help you ensure a smooth deployment at your organization, NAEM has outlined 6 essential steps to implementation success based on interviews and best practices…

Data Security and Privacy at Cority

Data privacy and security has become ever more important. Companies must adhere to increasingly stringent requirements when protecting sensitive employee information. Therefore, when looking for an EHS software provider, gaining an understanding of how a vendor will ensure that your data remains safe is central to your selection process.

EHS Software: The Ultimate Guide

This eBook will walk you through everything you need to know to take your EHSQ software project from vision to reality – from securing buy-in to ensuring a best-in-class implementation.

Cority EHSQ Data Exchange Program

You have many challenges to tackle. Data integration should not be one of them . How can you get the most out of your software solution? By integrating your EHSQ data together. Learn how to extend the reach and value of your EHSQ solution with enterprise application interfaces and integrations.

Health and Safety: Face of the Profession Survey 2019

674 EHS professionals responded to Health and Safety at Work’s 2019 Face of the Profession survey, providing an accurate read on EHS salaries, attitudes towards technology, and hopes for the future.  Read the report to learn how your salary stacks up, the state of health and safety budgets, and which technologies EHS professionals are adopting…

EHSQ Software RFP: What to Include

When it comes to buying software for the first time, most EHSQ teams have little or no experience navigating the enterprise software purchasing process and may not know what to include in their Request for Proposal (RFP).  Download this guide to learn the critical questions to consider when building your RFP to ensure you select the…

Five Critical Factors for Selecting the Right EHSQ Software

Read this guide to learn more about what to look for when evaluating an enterprise Environmental, Health, Safety, and Quality software solution. 

EHSQ Software: Build or Buy?

You’ve chosen to automate your EHSQ workflows. Now it’s time to decide: build the system in-house or purchase software from a third-party vendor. This guide will help you weigh your options as you decide whether building or buying an EHSQ solution is the right fit for your organization. 

How to Measure and Improve Safety Culture Performance

When it comes to improving safety performance, your most important asset is the data within your organization. Read the following article to learn more about the key metrics you should be collecting and reporting on to mitigate incidents and improve your safety culture. 

The EHS Professional’s Communication Guide

Let’s face it: as an environmental, health, safety, and quality professional, your work is often perceived as a cost center rather than an investment center. When you try to communicate the value of what your department does to senior management, it can feel as though you’re speaking a different language, and that no matter how…

On-Premises vs SaaS EHSQ Solutions: How to Choose the Right Solution

One topic that inevitably will come as part of a technology decision-making process is how yourorganization will choose to deploy the EHSQ solution it is considering purchasing. What will often ensue is a hotly contested conversation about the merits of choosing between an on-premise (self-hosted) solution or a hosted application, commonly referred to as Software…

Futureproofing Your EHS Software System

A new EHS software system is a long-term investment. But how can your organization ensure your investment keeps delivering long after implementation ends? Read on to learn our six-step plan to futureproof your EHS software investment. 

Building the business case for EHS software

This white paper addresses key business issues faced by health and safety professionals today and the ultimate savings and productivity improvements that can be realized with the help of EHS Software.

NAEM Report: Trends in Emerging Tech for EHS and Sustainability

The environmental, health, safety, and sustainability (EHS&S) management field is on the cusp of an exciting digital transformation. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technologies like smart sensors, drones, virtual reality, and mobile applications are all contributing to the revolution and are poised to transform data collection, program design, operations, and the industry as we know…

Definitive Guide to Occupational Health Software

Learn how an occupational health solution OR corporate wellness software can transform your programs and ensure your employees arrive and leave work healthy.

Ditch Your Spreadsheets: Centralized Software Reduces Errors and Increases Security

EHS Professionals the time has come to let those countless spreadsheets go and move onto bigger and better things. Read on to find out what our experts say about the many issues associated with paper-based processes, and why moving to a centralized software solution is essential to your EHS programs’ success. Our eBook covers the…

Create the Facility of Tomorrow, Today

Ready to take your organization to the next level but paper-based processes and spreadsheets are standing in the way of your success? You’re not alone. In fact, 79% of organizations are still managing their EHS and Quality programs the same way. To remain competitive and reduce risk across your operations, the time to modernize your…

EHS Embraces the Technology Revolution

Learn how over 200 EHS professionals are leveraging the latest technologies to improve and sustain a strong workplace safety culture. 

10 Biggest Fears About Buying EHSQ Software

Buying enterprise-scale software can be complex. If you’re a first-time buyer, you’ve probably got a list of questions, fears, and concerns a mile long. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Why Companies Replace Their EHS Software Systems

Thinking it may be time to replace your environmental, health, safety, and sustainability software? You’re not alone.  Read NAEM’s latest research report to find out why so many EHS professionals are seeking new solutions and get expert tips to select a system that meets your company’s current and future needs. 

Connected EHSQ Strategy: Breaking Down Silos to Advance Operational Performance

Research from LNS shows that the main challenges to operational performance improvements are lack of cross-functional collaboration and disparate systems and data sources.  Effective EHS and Quality management are critical components to your organization’s ability to achieve Operational Excellence.  Download this report to learn:  The value of taking an integrated approach to EHSQ management How to incorporate aligned…

Connecting Risk, Quality and Safety for Superior Results

If you’re like most, you’ve likely run your safety and quality programs as independent functions. But Digital Transformation has created the opportunity for business leaders to explore the value of integrating safety and quality into operations to delve into new data-driven insights that enable better decisions that reduce risk, improve quality and safety performance, and increase productivity. …

EHSQ Buyer’s Guide for Manufacturers

With rising stakeholder expectations, sustainability and operational excellence have become interrelated strategic pillars within Manufacturing. Find out how EHSQ software can advance this journey.

High Altitude Mining: A Guide to Managing the Unique Health and Safety Risks of Your Workforce

Miners working at high altitudes face unique occupational hazards resulting from both the mining activities themselves, as well as the extreme environmental conditions. Employers, and in particular Health and Safety professionals, should be aware of the numerous hazards that must be managed and mitigated in these working environments . This guide outlines how to comply…

Near Miss Reporting – what you need to know

Reporting and investigating incidents, injuries and property damage are central part of any safety management system. However, many organizations are reluctant to expand their reporting and investigation processes to encompass near misses, fearing that doing so will overwhelm safety teams and lead to inflated safety spending; all for something that did not result in an…

Why you should integrate your EHSQ software

Integrating EHS data across your organization can have a huge impact, both on the effectiveness of your organization as a whole, and on the individuals that are responsible for the health and safety of your employees. This guide highlights the benefits of selecting one complete and comprehensive solution for your EHSQ data, rather than relying on…