EHS Resolutions: Kick-Starting Your Programs for 2018 and Beyond

If you’re like most EHS professionals, you’re looking to take your EHS programs to the next level in 2018. But with so many new EHS trends to keep up with, how do you know which initiatives are worth prioritizing?

Join Pamala Bobbitt, Director of Product Marketing and Channels at Cority, as she reveals the top 8 trends that will have the biggest impact on EHS programs in 2018 and shares how to put them into action.

You will learn:

  • 8 trends EHS professionals around the globe will be focused on in 2018
  • Best practices to leverage these trends and improve your EHS programs
  • The impact of standardizing procedures, sharing data and industry benchmarking
  • The results of two global surveys outlining EHS leaders’ 2018 priorities