Connected EHSQ and Beyond: How Risk and Compliance Span Your Existing Programs

Organizations face an array of risks to operations and are inundated with compliance requirements from all directions in today's dynamic and distributed business environment. Many organizations attempt enterprise and operational risk and compliance management strategies from scratch to address areas of risk, compliance, audit management, and more. Organizations are best served leveraging mature and established processes put in place already to manage risk and compliance, such as those in EHS.

In this webinar, GRC expert Michael Rasmussen will discuss how EHS as an established function in the organization should be leveraged as the cornerstone to expand and build broader risk and compliance management strategies. 

You'll learn about:

  • The governance model and processes and systems used by leading organizations to manage EHS programs while contributing to broader risk and compliance initiatives  
  • Examples of risk and compliance reporting frameworks that aggregate metrics for senior management and board level visibility and decision making 
  • Collaboration of EHS professionals with their peers from other operational risk and compliance work streams to drive efficiencies during risk and control assessments, audits, remediation and testing efforts