Overcoming Overdose with Wellness

Drug abuse is increasingly becoming a concern for employers, as overdoses have recently had significant consequences for businesses. In fact, the CDC estimates that lost productivity for people with opioid use disorder amounted to $20.4 billion in 2013. As a result, legislators and agencies are sounding the alarm with new regulations to curb drug overdoses. These regulations are helpful, but they must also be supported by private industry initiatives and accountability. Businesses must build wellness programs and create a culture of wellness in their organizations to fight drug abuse and overdose.

Join Cority as we discuss how to build a proper wellness program for drug cessation to drive your company’s operational and financial performance. In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Impact of drug use and overdose on employee health
  • Cost of overdosing workers on organizations
  • Recent workplace regulations to combat overdoses
  • How to build a wellness program for drug cessation
  • Putting your wellness program in an enterprise level software